SMA 16 Archive Writer

The only 16 mm Greyscale Archive Writer

The new SMA 16 Archive Writer is a light and mobile desktop unit. Unlike its competitors is the SMA 16 Plus Archive Writer capable of producing greyscale film. Further the SMA 16 Plus Archive Writer utilizes standard camera microfilm – another major advantage compared to the need of buying proprietary film as in other products.

The SMA 16 Plus Archive Writer is a 16 mm only Archive Writer and cannot be upgraded to 35 mm. For this option please refer to the SMA 16 Plus.

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08/22/2016 It's CeBIT Time!

As every year SMA will exhibit at the world's largest IT show in Hannover/Germany. Come and see us and familiarize yourself with the latest & greatest in large format scanning, book scanning and long term preservation on microfilm. Further we will...

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