Australian War Memorial opts for SCAN MASTER 1

The Australian War Memorial was looking for an A1 scanner to digitize their collection that tells the story of the Australian experience of war. The collection consists of bound and single sheet originals. The SCAN MASTER 1 was chosen as it is the ideal candidate that offers more advatages than...

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National Library of Australia continues to rely on SMA!

After about 10 years of using several SMA scanners the National Library of Australia looked for a new A2 book scanner. The SCAN MASTER 2 met all their requirents and became the product of choice. In the long history of being a SMA user the NLA made only positive experiences with the scanners which...

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SMA goes Tibet!

The Science & Technology Department of Lhasa/Tibet purchased a SCAN MASTER 0. They are responsible for digitizing and archiving the famost Tibetan Buddist paintings on cotton or silk called "Tangka". A major challenge is the fact that these Tangkas often have embroideries of solid golden threads....

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National Archives of Ireland receives SCAN MASTER 0

The National Achives of Ireland were in the need of a versatile large format book and map scanner. They opted for the SCAN MASTER 0 as this scanner fits their needs best possible.

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Serbian Cultural Society buys SCAN MASTER 1

The Serbian Culural Society was looking for an A1 book scanner and considered the SCAN MASTER 1 to be the best choice in terms of resolution, capability of handling thick books, productivit and duarability.

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